Dr. Ashley Anne founded the Gravity Point Institute following a successful career as a licensed trauma therapist, clinical supervisor, and counseling professor.

She worked as faculty for the top three counseling universities in the country, created trauma-focused training programs, served on curriculum development boards, designed, filmed, and directed innovative online courses, and directed the launch of an entire online training program. You can view her full resume here.

Despite her deep desire to be a lifelong educator in traditional universities, she couldn't shake her dissatisfaction with the system.

She watched as her students spent 2-4 years struggling through outdated coursework, working in unpaid/underpaid internship and entry-level positions, and then witnessed helplessly as graduates were forced to undergo additional supervision for 2 or more years (often paid out of pocket) before they could work independently.

She also felt deeply out of alignment observing student after student leave the program ill-equipped to protect themselves from compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout, knowing that the research was readily available to empower them to do otherwise.

Dr. Anne became frustrated with her lack of power to fight back against the bureaucracy of academic culture and ultimately left traditional universities and allowed her licenses to lapse so she could build something better.

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She built the Gravity Point Coaching Certification to provide an alternative career path for students who want to serve clients through 1:1 work.

It is not Β a counseling degree and it will not equip students to assess, diagnose, or treat disease and disorder. If you want to work in a hospital setting, support veterans through agencies, or feel passionate about becoming a university professor, this program is not for you.

However, if you have a deep desire to help others evolve, feel passionate about healing yourself and others in multiple dimensions, and wish to serve clients through 1:1 coaching, this program provides an expert-level training experience to move you from clueless about your career to running your own coaching business within 40 weeks.

Here's a comparison to help you gain perspective:

A traditional counseling program requires students to complete 2-4 years of coursework, plus 2-3 years of supervised practice before they're able to work independently. By the time they're in a position to make money, students often accrue anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000 of student loan debt.

Side note: If you happen to enroll in the exact online program Dr. Anne launched, you'd be carrying close to $200,000 in loans (before interest) by the time you graduate.

The Gravity Point Coaching Certification program streamlines the training process and gives students a high-quality, high-impact training experience at a fraction of the cost.

The curriculum in the GPCC program is built using cutting-edge philosophies and practices in quantum healing and removes all the outdated, unnecessary research required in traditional universities. It also empowers students with strategic practices to work with clients in and outside of session in ways that protect against burnout, and walks students through the process of building, launching, and operating their own online business within the first 20 weeks of the program.

Most importantly, the GPCC program is designed to shatter the systemic scarcity that surrounds helping professions. Instead of teaching students to devalue their craft by requiring them to do unpaid/underpaid work, the GPCC programs requires students to step into an abundance mindset, value their skills, and begin charging fees right away. Students in the GPCC will start making money for their coaching by week 15 of the program, thereby eliminating the gap between investment and income found in traditional training programs.

The mission of the Gravity Point Institute is to ensure the next generation of coaches and healers have an alternative career path - one that streamlines their training, expertly empowers them with the latest research in quantum health, and protects them against decades of debt.


The Full Story from Dr. Anne

I became a trauma therapist back in 2010, and quickly learned how painful therapy can be. As a graduate of Northwestern University, I was trained by some of the best therapists in the business, given access to an incredible network of researchers, and supported by supervisors who had decades of experience in the field.​

Despite all of this training and support, I still witnessed my clients suffer through sessions, get stuck in their healing journey, and struggle to claim the health and happiness they knew they deserved.​

Alongside their suffering, I also grew more burnt out with every session. For reasons no one could help me understand, my body began manifesting the same symptoms I saw in my trauma survivor clients. I couldn't sleep, wouldn't eat, and felt hopeless most of the time.​

Faced with the choice of quitting my career to save my life, I became indignant and irritated because deep down I knew there had to be a better way.​

Healing shouldn't hurt.

It shouldn't hurt clients, and it shouldn't hurt their providers.​

I dove into the neuroscience research and desperately pieced together a new way of helping others. What is now the Gravity Point System began as a detailed mapping of emotional circuitry in an effort to create a step-by-step guide for healing from overwhelming stress and resolving trauma for good.​

The initial map was called the Spheres of Emotion, or what my clients lovingly called the Emotion Onion.

>> You can learn to heal yourself using the Emotion Onion in this self-guided course.​

My clients and I discovered that if we moved through emotion in a very specific, detailed way, they spontaneously and instantaneously transformed. The growth that once took them months to achieve only took minutes... and their healing no longer hurt.​

Curious to learn more, I dove into traditional health research alongside years of studying integrative therapies. What I found is that we humans have an internal guidance system that naturally and effortlessly motivates everything we do. It's connected to our Divine Path, amplifies our talent to serve the world, and directs us toward choices that positively evolve our soul and the souls of everyone around us.

For my dissertation research, I expanded the Emotion Onion so it became a ten-dimensional map of human anatomy which corresponded with a simple questionnaire - then called the State of Mind Questionnaire (SMQ) - to examine this internal guidance system. The results were promising because they demonstrated that people who were more connected to their internal GPS (as measured by the SMQ) had fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety (as measured by the Beck Inventories).​

>> Click here to read the full 164-page study.​

From there, I continued my studies in quantum physics until I uncovered a quantum theory of how gravity actually operates. It's based on the MariΔ‡-Einstein Theory of Relativity and suggests that within each of us there lies at least 20 points of gravity that are continually and automatically manifesting matter every single minute.​

Trauma and karma can block and distort these gravity points, making us call in substance that doesn't serve our highest selves. By mapping out your inner GPS, we can reveal those blocks and then use Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLCs) to release them.​

The power to create happiness, health, wealth, and freedom lies in your Gravity Point System - your inner GPS. You just need to know how it works.​

Understanding my own Gravity Point System changed my life and the lives of countless others.​

Now it's my mission to empower the next generation of coaches and healers to serve others by becoming certified in the Gravity Point System and building their own business without having to spend the time and money required through conventional universities.

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