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You are not a person. You are a planet.​

Just as the sun, moon, and stars create an orbit around them, humans have gravity. Everything around you - your home, family, friends, job, finances, pets, plants and more - is attached to you through the invisible, powerful force of gravity.

For quite some time, people have been calling this phenomenon the law of attraction, a practice based on one simple principle: you get what you give.

As it turns out, the law of attraction isn't a law at all. It's a force of nature embedded into your cells.​

Gravity is the new Law of Attraction.​​​

And there's an entire quantum system within you constantly attracting all of your experiences to you.

Dr. Anne's research has uncovered the art of alchemy, the science of substance, and the math of manifestation.

Now she's training the next generation of health coaches and healers to harness the Gravity Point System to help humanity evolve.



The implications of Gravity are profound and hold the potential to change the world.

By helping us understand our true nature, the inner GPS helps us understand how to take chaos and transform it into coherence, so that everything that happens to us also happens for us.

The GPS reveals the quantum physics of being human and reveals how being human actually works.

We have complex human problems because we don't know who we are and what we can do. Because we don't understand how mind turns to matter, we are - quite frankly - creating a mess. The truth is that we humans are immortal, interdimensional, integrative, and interstellar. These Four Fundamentals bring together millenia of human research - modern medcine to ancient wisdom - and they are what we need to understand if we are to solve the very real problems of our time.

Within the foundational knowledge underlying Dr. Anne's theory of gravity is a roadmap for broadening human experiences to preserve the precious creativity of our youth, open doors to holistic health care practices, highlight the need for political systems that liberate, and give us more tools to solve our self-made problems of pollution and soil degradation - both of which, if left unresolved, will lead to our inevitable extinction.​

When we move beyond body and mind, we open the door to infinite possibilities, new realities, and the kind of magic much needed in the world today.

The next generation of coaches and healers must have access to this foundational knowledge, and that's why Dr. Anne built the Gravity Point Institute: to provide university-quality education that empowers you to heal yourself, heal others, and build a successful coaching business without wasting time and money on unnecessary experiences along the way.

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GPI's Origin Story

By Dr. Ashley Anne

For most of my life, I had one simple question ringing in the back of my mind:​​

β€œWhy am I so sick?”​​

As a toddler, I suffered from intestinal parasites that damaged my gut lining for life.​

In fourth grade, I'd stand at the sink pretending to wash my hands until my friends went back to class so I could gulp handfuls of Ibuprofen to cope with blinding headaches.​

As a high school freshman, I sat in the back row of my 9am Civics class shifting in my seat, desperately trying not to poop my pants until I could sneak into the bathroom to have my daily dose of diarrhea. If you struggle with IBS, colitis, or Crohn's disease - you know exactly what I'm talking about.​

In my young adulthood, I sat at my desk behind behind the couch silently scraping a pair of scissors across my arm, etching five bloody lines before finally confronting yet another alcoholic boyfriend with my anger.​

Years later, I found myself single and sitting on the kitchen floor of my one-bedroom apartment, staring at my knife set seriously considering using them to take my own life.​

I realize these details paint a sad picture of my life, and don't get me wrong, these were low points. The tricky thing was that despite all this misery, I didn't have a major diagnosis to capture my symptoms clearly enough for anything to help.​

It's also important to recognize that I was experiencing these struggles alongside an otherwise amazing life, surrounded by opportunity, celebration, support, and quite a bit of fun. I say this because it's important to remember that misery can be easily masked, and as a highly sensitive woman, this is something I mastered early on in life.​

In the background though, I spent years desperately trying to fix these pain points. For years, I:

  • Sought medical specialists

  • Spoke with mental health therapists

  • Took medication to manage my moodΒ 

  • Practiced yogaΒ 

  • Spent time with friends

  • Got energy work

  • Meditated

  • Journaled

  • Practiced holistic health

  • Spent loads of money investing in myself

Nothing worked.


With No One To Save Me, I Had to Save Myself

Eventually, I got fed up with hearing nothing was wrong and no one can help, and began the very arduous journey of figuring it out for myself.

I used my experience as a qualitative researcher to find out why the medical, mental, and even the holistic health systems were failing me...​

Although I explored hundreds of perspectives, three main areas were particularly useful: Interpersonal Neurobiology, Yogic Philosophy, and Quantum Physics.​

I didn't find answers in any single perspective, but when I blended them all together, my problem became clear: I didn't know how being human actually worked.​

All my life, I'd been living under the assumption that my body and mind were the only aspects of myself I needed to nurture to be happy and healthy.

As it turns out, we humans are so much more.


When we work toward health and happiness, most of us try to take care of our bodies and minds. We exercise, eat right, go to a therapist, say a little prayer, and maybe even meditate.

The problem is that when we limit lifestyle practices to physical and mental interventions, we're missing the underlying mechanism that matters most: emotion.​​

Emotion is energy in motion.

It's the thread that connects your body, mind, and relationships - if it's broken, your whole system suffers. That's what I taught in my TEDx Talk: How Emotion Will Change the World.

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Are you stuck in a stress cycle?

If so, it's not your fault. We live in a modern day world that messes with mood in a million different ways.

Some of society's stressors are daily inconveniences, like the 24-hour news cycle that makes money off your stress or the constant barrage of ads that unconsciously make us feel as though we'll never be enough.​

But some of them are actually traumatic - like legislation that steals reproductive sovereignty, an economic structure that exploits and undermines, and institutionalized oppression that makes life harder for people who look, live, and love in certain ways.​

And if you're one of the millions of people who've experienced emotional neglect, domestic violence, natural disasters, sexual assault, sexism, racism, heterosexism, cisgenderism, hate speech, neuro-divergent oppression, ableism, agism, or any other kind of trauma, the ability to control your mood was taken from you a long time ago.​

Trauma interrupts emotion by hijacking your brain. It disconnects your body from your mind and makes it impossible to connect meaningfully in relationships with other people.​

Unresolved trauma and erratic emotion are the ultimate quantum roadblocks to attracting health, wealth, and wholeness.

Today's coaches and healers absolutely must understand the nature of emotion and be empowered to support their clients on this quantum level.

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As a trauma survivor myself, I had to learn how to reclaim my mood and master emotion.

Unfortunately, the mental health research could only take me so far. To truly heal, I had to look outside the boundaries of conventional medicine and pull together my own model for how humans worked.​

My sphere of research and training ended up spanning far beyond contemporary models of neuroscience, mental health, and medicine. I learned about yogic philosophy and the chakra system, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, nutrition, quantum physics, essential oils, the electrome, the microbiome, and more.

What emerged surprised me: most of these perspectives were all saying the same thing.​

Humans are more than just body and mind.

​Different perspectives of research used different words, but essentially every body of wisdom I reviewed held truths that were evident within them all. These are what I call the Four Fundamentals of being human.

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As I began to understand the enormity of the human experience, it became apparent that working in the way I was taught simply wasn't going to cut it. As a trauma therapist, I was trained to work with the body and mind, but intervening at those areas wasn't enough. I needed to develop a more comprehensive model for understanding human experiences, so I began mapping out a new anatomy - one that encompassed ten dimensions of the human experience. In expanding the definition of being human, I could better work with the parts of myself (and my clients) that were sick.​

Click each dimension below to see how this new anatomy organizes the human experience and allows us to connect different approaches and practitioners to health and healing.

You'll also see how Gravity Point Coaches are empowered to serve their clients in 10 dimensions all at once.



As my understanding of the truth of our anatomy grew, I began to integrate more practices into my life - ones that addressed my spirit, relationship with time, sense of presence, sense of voice, creativity, belonging, energy, physicality, relationships, and talent - all at once.​

I also started to teach my clients the new anatomical model and empower them with more self-awareness and interdimensional lifestyle practices.

The results were astounding.​

Clients were making insights and transforming their health in minutes instead of months, and my own life drastically began to evolve into the beautiful tapestry I knew it could be.​

My clients and I healed - on every level.

My inflammation went down, my digestion regulated, my mind quieted, and I had more energy to do the things I loved. The more we optimized emotion within the GPS, the more it became clear, we were working with a force far greater than I initially understood.​

Not only were my clients healing themselves, the entire world around them shifted too. It was then that I began to understand the enormity of my research: I had discovered the mathematics of manifestation.

Gravity IS the Law of Attraction.

It was clear that my clients and I had tapped into the law of attraction in a powerful way. Although I'd been a long-time student of the law of attraction, watching The Secret and listening to Abraham Hicks, I never imagined that my research in resolving trauma would lead me to a new definition for how manifestation works. ​

The law of attraction is gravity itself, and you can control it by controlling the motion of energy within and between the ten dimensions of your human experience. And remember, energy in motion = emotion.

If you can control how you feel...

You will control how you heal...

And reclaim ultimate control over the molecules you attract to you every single day.

To manifest good things in your life, you must manifest good feelings. A good mood is a great magnet.​

The problem is that many of us struggle to feel good. The 24-hour news cycle gives us plenty of things to stress about, the misrepresentation in media makes us feel like we don't belong, exploitative marketing strategies make us feel broken so we'll buy expensive solutions, and every day traumas hijack the brain to make us feel bad in our bodies and messy in our minds.​

To feel good, you must first stop feeling bad.

Sounds easy enough on the surface, but in reality, feeling good is quite a complex goal. If you're anything like me, you may have already tried to exercise regularly to feel good in your body or meditate to feel good in your mind, but you still don't feel great most of the time.

This is because, like we discovered earlier, humans are far more than body and mind.

In truth, we have ten dimensions to pay attention to when trying to feel good.

If you've found this page, you probably already intuitively know conventional health care misses the mark, and I can confidently say that the reason you haven't achieved the happiness, health, and wealth you desire is because you haven't been taught how to work directly with your inner GPS - the Gravity Point System.

The Gravity Point System is the quantum core of you're being.

Just like your heart, stomach, skin, or any of your other physical organs, the GPS is a quantum organ which regulates the flow of energy and information throughout your ten-dimensional experience.

As it turns out, those ten dimensions each have two points of gravity. When these gravity points are feeling good, they'll call in exactly what you need. But when these gravity points are feeling bad, your life will reflect it.

To optimize these gravity points, I had to seek out separate resources - one for my spirit, another to help me envision my future, another to resolve my trauma, another to optimize my body, another to regulate my energy field. The list goes on and on.​

I didn't want my students to waste time, money, energy, and hope in the same way I did, spending decades of my life using trial and error to create the health and happiness I knew was possible.​

This is why I founded the Gravity Point Institute - to empower coaches and healers with the philosophies and practices I wish I would have had.

Every educational experience at the Gravity Point Institute is built upon the quantum anatomy of the inner GPS and is designed to empower the next generation of coaches and healers to help their clients evolve at the quantum core.

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Whether you mean to or not, your celestial body is continually attracting experiences equal to the quality of your energy in motion (emotion). This phenomenon influences how your mind operates, how your body functions, and how your relationships unfold.​

The mechanism underlying mental health, physical health, and relational health is gravity - and the mechanism that influences gravity is emotion.​

To increase the quality of your life, you need to increase the quality of emotion.

Optimizing your emotion is at the heart of Gravity Point System, and that's what the Gravity Point Institute empowers coaches and healers to do.

We just need to add one more step to the model I proposed in the TEDx Talk: FEEL - SHARE - ACT - ATTRACT.​

This is the practice that healed my mind, body, and relationships, and it's what ultimately saved my life - and the lives of many of my students and clients.

If you want to truly heal, you need to go directly to the quantum physics of creation and resolve dysregulation there. ​

At the end of the day, having a robust gravity field is about optimizing how you respond to stress, helping you reclaim control of your emotions, recovering sovereignty of your body and mind, and honing your points of gravity so you can call in exactly what's meant to be yours.

The research underlying the Gravity Point System taps into ancient wisdom, introduces a new way of life, and harnesses an evolutionary leap forward for humanity.​

It pulls from a wide array of theories and modalities:​

  • Brain-Based Trauma Research

  • Yoga & Yogic Philosophy

  • Psychodynamic Theory

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Theory

  • Internal Family Systems Theory

  • Gestalt Theory

  • Mindsight

  • Affective Systems Research

  • Interpersonal Neurobiology

  • The Chakra System

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Jose Silva's Mind Control Method

  • The Field of Intersubjectivity

  • Physics

  • Quantum Physics

  • Behaviorism

  • Humanistic Theory

  • Functional Medicine

  • Social Psychology

  • Reiki

  • Aromatherapy

  • Sound Therapy

  • Crystal Healing

  • The Alexander Technique

  • And so much more...

The Gravity Point System gets to the underlying mechanism operating beneath your physical, mental, relational, energetic, and spiritual health. We've been vaguely calling this the "inner GPS," and we've been exactly right. You have an internal Gravity Point System influencing everything you do. When we calibrate your gravity points, every other aspect of your life heals on its own.​

We all have incredible access to our inner GPS - we just need to discover the truth of who we are and what we can do.

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Now is the time for humanity to step into the interdimensional truth of who we are and what we can do. Our inner GPS holds all the answers to life's problems, but it's useless if we don't know how to own, operate, and optimize it.

The only way to do this is to transform the way we educate coaches and healers so they can empower their clients with the tools they need to harness the power of their quantum core.

I'm on a mission to heal the healers by providing world-class training experiences that empower wellness coaches to excellently work at the quantum core without experiencing the trauma of academic indoctrination like I did.

You deserve to fulfill your potential, serve the world, and be your own boss. Get certified so I can teach you how.

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