Fast Track Your Career As a Certified Practitioner

Work with clients at the quantum core.

Earn your wellness coach certification to support clients in ten dimensions all at once.

  • Empower others to evolve by teaching them to hone their inner GPS
  • Receive 40 weeks of live coach training designed to evolve you both personally and professionally
  • Learn from an ex-university professor who left academia behind to build something better
  • Master the art and science of alchemy, the mathematics of manifestation, and the skills you need to support others in doing the same
  • Become an expert in ground-breaking research in quantum health
  • Join a high-vibing community of people passionate about revolutionizing the quantum healing movement 
  • Build and launch your online coaching business in less than 20 weeks
  • Receive highly detailed supervision while working with your real, paying clients
  • Retain lifetime access to all online course material and live session recordings
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Start Date: August 6, 2024
Duration: 40 weeks
Time Investment: 8-12 hours per week
Live Sessions Held: Tuesdays 11am to 1:30pm CST
Enrollment Closes: July 22, 2024 (limited spaces available)

The Certification Includes:

  • Scientifically informed online course content on quantum health to be reviewed before the live session each week
  • Engaging activities, self-reflective practices, and coaching skills exercises
  • Weekly live sessions with Dr. Anne and your peers
  • 10 weeks of personal development content designed to promote self-healing
  • 10 weeks of professional development content to turn you into a world-class coach
  • 10 weeks of special topics alongside supervised practice
  • 10 weeks of supervised practice customized for the needs of each cohort

The Gravity Point Institute is applying for accreditation from the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching, and the Gravity Point Coaching Certification has been designed in alignment with the accreditation requirements. If you're interested in becoming certified by the NBHWC and sitting for the national board certification exam, please contact us for more details.

No prerequisites required. Applicants must be age 18 years or older, hold a high school diploma or equivalent degree, and be open to profound personal and professional evolution. This program is well-suited for folks building their first career, folks transitioning into a new one, and wellness practitioners who want to expand their services to include one-to-one coaching.

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How We'll Support You

Weekly live sessions where you’ll ask questions, practice skills, connect with your peers, and meaningfully integrate the material

Engaging online content rooted in research from neuroscience, yogic philosophy, and quantum physics

A self-regulating routine designed to support your own quantum health as well as prevent compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout

Interactive, private online portal to connect with instructors and peers

Live observation and practice of coaching skills

3 Practical Skills Assessments with highly detailed feedback that honors the intersection of your personal and professional development

A step-by-step business tutorial to build and launch an online coaching business in less than 20 weeks

Lifetime access to all course content and live session recordings

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Dr. Ashley Anne founded the Gravity Point Institute following a successful career as a licensed trauma therapist, clinical supervisor, and counseling professor.

She worked as faculty for the top three counseling universities in the country, created trauma-focused training programs, served on curriculum development boards, designed, filmed, and directed innovative online courses, and directed the launch of an entire online training program. You can view her full resume here.

Despite her deep desire to be a lifelong educator in traditional universities, she couldn't shake her dissatisfaction with the system.

She watched as her students spent 2-4 years struggling through outdated coursework, working in unpaid/underpaid internship and entry-level positions, and then witnessed helplessly as graduates were forced to undergo additional supervision for 2 or more years (often paid out of pocket) before they could work independently.

She also felt deeply out of alignment observing student after student leave the program ill-equipped to protect themselves from compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout, knowing that the research was readily available to empower them to do otherwise.

Dr. Anne became frustrated with her lack of power to fight back against the bureaucracy of academic culture and ultimately left traditional universities and allowed her licenses to lapse so she could build something better.

She built the Gravity Point Coaching Certification to provide an alternative career path for students who want to serve clients through 1:1 work.

It is not  a counseling degree and it will not equip students to assess, diagnose, or treat disease and disorder. If you want to work in a hospital setting, support veterans through agencies, or feel passionate about becoming a university professor, this program is not for you.

However, if you have a deep desire to help others evolve, feel passionate about healing yourself and others in multiple dimensions, and wish to serve clients through 1:1 coaching, this program provides an expert-level training experience to move you from clueless about your career to running your own coaching business within 40 weeks.

Here's a comparison to help you gain perspective:

A traditional counseling program requires students to complete 2-4 years of coursework, plus 2-3 years of supervised practice before they're able to work independently. By the time they're in a position to make money, students often accrue anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000 of student loan debt.

Side note: If you happen to enroll in the exact online program Dr. Anne launched, you'd be carrying close to $200,000 in loans (before interest) by the time you graduate.

The Gravity Point Coaching Certification program streamlines the training process and gives students a high-quality, high-impact training experience at a fraction of the cost.

The curriculum in the GPCC program is built using cutting-edge philosophies and practices in quantum healing and removes all the outdated, unnecessary research required in traditional universities. It also empowers students with strategic practices to work with clients in and outside of session in ways that protect against burnout, and walks students through the process of building, launching, and operating their own online business within the first 20 weeks of the program.

Most importantly, the GPCC program is designed to shatter the systemic scarcity that surrounds helping professions. Instead of teaching students to devalue their craft by requiring them to do unpaid/underpaid work, the GPCC programs requires students to step into an abundance mindset, value their skills, and begin charging fees right away. Students in the GPCC will start making money for their coaching by week 15 of the program, thereby eliminating the gap between investment and income found in traditional training programs.

The mission of the Gravity Point Institute is to ensure the next generation of coaches and healers have an alternative career path - one that streamlines their training, expertly empowers them with the latest research in quantum health, and protects them against decades of debt.

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We need you. We need your magic.

And you deserve to be properly equipped to work 1:1 with clients without being traumatized by traditional training systems.

The Gravity Point Coaching Certification is the training program I wish I would have had, and I hope you consider joining us soon.

~ Dr. Ashley Anne ~

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Weekly Live Sessions

Each week, students attend live sessions with instructors via video conference. The sessions are tailored to the content each week and may include Q&A, group discussions, self-reflection, group skills practice, 1:1 practice with peers, and detailed feedback from professors. Attendance is required; however, each session is recorded and students retain access to these recordings moving forward.


Online Course Content

The philosophies, research, and practices within the certification program are learned each week through self-guided, online videos. As a trained counselor educator, Dr. Anne has built course curricula for world-renowned universities and has built this program using the same standards you’d find in programs that would typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While you will gain access to confidential research summaries from Dr. Anne, there is little-to-no additional reading outside of the course content, which is delivered through highly-engaging videos and interactive activities. 


Private Student Community

Students have the opportunity to connect with their peers using a private online portal. You’ll gain access to a cohort-specific community, as well as a community that includes all graduates of the Gravity Point Coaching Certification program. These communities are hosted in a highly private, protected online portal - not on a social media platform.

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Program Overview

The Gravity Point Coaching Certification program is a university-quality training program that blends personal evolution and professional development to empower coaches and healers with cutting-edge philosophies and practices in quantum healing.

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The program is designed for people who feel called to support others’ evolution, wish to build and launch their own coaching business (or add one to their current practice), and specialize in a unique quantum healing model that targets human problems at the level of Consciousness and Source Energy.

The Gravity Point Coaching Certification is the life’s work of Dr. Ashley Anne, an ex-trauma therapist, neuroscientist, and university professor whose work in top counseling universities around the country inspired her to build something better. She built this program after investing over a decade of her life and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars learning and teaching in traditional training programs.

Her frustration with the current system was three-fold.

First, she realized that slow-moving academic and accreditation models forced her students to learn outdated models of therapy that were irrelevant, unnecessary, and unhelpful when working with modern day clients.

Second, because of those same slow-moving mechanisms, although she was routinely put in positions of power, she was unable to update the curriculum with the most contemporary research in neuroscience, holistic health, and quantum healing.

And third, students were not being properly trained with the skills necessary to work with clients sustainably. Many of them entered their clinical work and quickly experienced compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, or burnout with little-to-no guidance of how to resolve it.

Dr. Anne believes that premium-training doesn’t need to be so costly or take so much time, so she’s set out to build the best coaching training institute in the world.

The Gravity Point Coaching Certification blends neuroscience, yogic philosophy, and quantum physics to empower coaches with a highly scientific, step-by-step model, map, and method that allows them to support clients in ten dimensions all at once - while also protecting themselves against vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout along the way.

By the end of the program, students adopt world-class coaching skills, a model of healing that resolves human problems at the quantum core, and a fully-operational online coaching business that launches long before graduation.


The GPCC training model honors the universal power of three by unifying five triangles to create a powerful pentagram: 

  1. Pedagogy
  2. Philosophy
  3. Personal Development
  4. Professional Development
  5. Practice
Download the Syllabus


The Gravity Point Coaching Certification program relies on a solid foundation of pedagogy (teaching philosophy) Dr. Anne built throughout her career as a counselor educator working as a professor for masters-level training programs.

Three pedagogical pillars form the basis of the GPCC program: Personal-is-Professional, Mastery-in-Motion, and Self-Preservation.


The second triangle in the Program Pentagon is Philosophy. The Gravity Point Coaching Certification is built using a cutting-edge, quantum model, map, and method developed throughout Dr. Anne’s career. The core of the system reveals a 10-dimensional map for organizing all of human knowledge and effectively brings together what physicists call a unifying theory.

Download the Syllabus

This new anatomy identifies ten dimensions of quantum particle organization, from the singularity to the soul and effectively brings together all knowledge in one comprehensive, cohesive model.

Click here to read the full story about how Dr. Anne blended neuroscience, yogic philosophy, and quantum physics throughout her career to create the philosophy behind the Gravity Point Institute.

As a Gravity Point Coach, you’ll learn how to work with clients in ten dimensions, and to illuminate opportunities to integrate different modalities of healing - and potentially collaborate with other practitioners - in strategic, specific ways. Below is a brief overview of the ten dimensions, with examples of approaches and practitioners that are honored throughout the model. 


The curriculum of the program reveals the final three points of the pentagram: Personal Development, Professional Development, and Practice.

Each phase includes self-guided online content to review each week and one weekly live session. During the live sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, engage in meaningful conversation with peers and professors, and practice your skills while receiving immediate, highly detailed feedback.

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During Phase One of the GPCC program, you’ll develop a deep sense of self-awareness, learn to heal the flow of consciousness through ten dimensions, and utilize the exact coaching model, map, and method you’ll learn to use with clients.

Along the way, you’ll set up your online business, including identifying your business structure, selecting liability insurance, setting up your online professional practice portal, and creating a unique and authentic branding presence across multiple online channels. You’ll be encouraged to get clear on who you want to serve and be required to find three clients who will pay you* to work with them throughout the program.

*Many training programs require/will allow you to work with clients for free during your training. This was the case for the programs Dr. Anne previously taught in. The result was that many students graduated with a low sense of self-worth and lack of business savvy. You must learn to value your skills, presence, time, and energy as a coach before expecting your clients to do the same. By requiring our students to charge a fee during their training, we support them in healing from scarcity cycles and empower them to launch their careers in alignment with abundance energy.

Below is a detailed session-by-session breakdown of the curriculum contained in Phase 1: Personal Development (weeks 1-10).


Phase Two of the GPCC program provides an in-depth, interactive experience in adopting world-class coaching skills. You’ll learn to develop an ethical, pro-liberation coaching identity alongside expert-level coaching skills previously offered exclusively in university programs.

Once you’ve learned key coaching skills, you’ll begin working with actual paid clients in your coaching business so you can master your skills in a real environment while still being closely connected to your peers and instructor.

Below is a detailed session-by-session breakdown of the curriculum contained in Phase 2: Professional Development (weeks 11-20).


By the time you reach phase three, you’ll have set up your coaching business and be engaging in regular paid client sessions. Phase three is dedicated to expanding your professional practice and providing highly detailed consultation and supervision of your actual work with clients in your coaching business.

The online content reviewed each week will empower you to work with clients interdimensionally on special topics, whereas the live sessions will present you the opportunity to observe 60 coaching sessions and engage in 3 Practical Skill Assessments tailored to your development.

Below is a detailed session-by-session breakdown of the curriculum contained in Phase 3: Practice (weeks 21-40).

Follow Your Heart

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Master the art and science of quantum healing, join a revolutionary community of healers, and receive world-class supervision and support. Admitted students receive lifetime access to:

  • 40 highly-customized sessions with a leading expert in quantum health
  • Our Quantum Healing course
  • A private, protected community of Gravity Point Coaches so you can be inspired and supported throughout your career
  • Step-by-step instructions for building, launching, and operating an online coaching business
  • Practice sessions, live feedback on your coaching skills, strategic supervision to prevent compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout

Give yourself permission to walk the path aligned with your soul and join us today.

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